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Our Products and Services
The Johal Estate vineyard supplies grapes to premium Australian wineries such as Rosemount Estate, Tatachilla wines, BRL Hardy and Renmano.

As of the vintage of 2001, Pike River Produce has begun making it's own wines. The wines will be released under the label of New Millennia Wines and Pike River Estate Wines. Wines will be available for sale within 2001 and 2002.
Inquiries regarding sale's and importing of wines can be directed to:

Pike River Produce Pty. Ltd.
PO BOX 296
Paringa, SA

Phone: (+61) 08 85955010
Fax:     (+61) 08 85955710   

Located in Jamestown, South Australia is the Khera and Johal Forestry venture, consisting of Powlonia trees. The Powlonia tree is native to China, but imported because of its strength and growth qualities.

According to Chinese tradition, the Powlonia tree was planted in a family's garden each time a daughter was born. As the daughter matured - so too did the tree, and every 6-9 years the head of the family would cut a log from the tree. When the family would have at least three logs, It was considered time for the daughter to be married. The logs were used to construct furniture for the daughter's dowry.

Today the Powlonia tree has been exported because of its fast growing and durable capabilities. Powlonia wood is a new and promising sector in the timber industry, particularly in furniture and boat construction.

Inquiries directed to the purchase of Powlonia wood can be directed to the same numbers and addresses as above.

Inquiries regarding any of the Pike River Produce and Johal Estate products, and ventures are most welcome.