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About Pike River Produce
Pike River Produce was first established as a family business in 1989 by Amanvir and Saroop Singh Johal JP. It has grown extensively within the last 10 years, expanding into Polownia  forestry, Wine production and sales.

The Johal family Estate is located at Pike River, Paringa in the Riverland region of South Australia. Located on the 300 acre Estate, is the family's vineyard consisting of both black and white premium grape varieties. The vineyard accounts for 150 acres of the Estate and further vineyard extensions are planned for the near future.  

The picturesque vineyard is situated on a large plateau overlooking the Murray River, from where it has its own advanced irrigation system.

The irrigation system monitors moisture levels in the soil, making sure than adequate watering occurs. The advanced solar powered probes allow for savage of water, thus sustaining the environments natural state. Together with the methodology of drip systems, the irrigation system reinforces the idea of better water consumption and decreased soil degradation.

The vineyard's drip systems also allow for fertilizer to be distributed whilst watering, thus saving fertilizer and allowing minimal pH change to the soil.

Also aiding environmental issues is the abundance of native Australian flora and vegetation. Salt bushes, and Gum tree's hold the soil together with their roots and decrease the chance of wind erosion to the soil.

The Johal Estate has devoted much time and funds to the aid of preserving the natural state of the environment. It's main focus is to give back to the land, and preserve it for generations to come.

The Johal Estate prides itself on its devotion to fine wine. In order to reap the full benefits of fine wine, it is essential that the vine itself is never damaged and the fruit is picked with utmost care.

For this matter, the Johal Estate has invested in professional UPRight mechanical harvesters, and mechanical pruners because of their delicate methodology. Mechanical harvesters allow the grapes to be picked in the cooler hours of the night, ensuring that heat does not affect the grapes, and therefore there is no chance of fermentation before reaching the winery.

The Johal Estate has also invested in its own Semi Truck (Prime Mover), so that once the grapes have been picked there is no delay in reaching the winery. These strict measures ensure that the grapes are of the utmost standard, and the wine produced is of high quality.